Insurance company jobs and Bank job sector in Bangladesh

Insurance company jobs and Bank job
Insurance companies can be defined as an agreement between a person who pays the company and the company returns the money with interest during the person’s injury or most commonly when the person is dead.
The majority of the people in our country prefer Bangladesh General Insurance , Popular Life , Delta Life Insurance Company Limited as their services are as good as the people want. Meghna, Reliance, Pragati etc are the most common name in the world of insurance companies.
Head of Re-Insurance, Manager, Area Sales Manager, National Sales Manager, Company Secretary,Head of IT, Head of Branches, Head of Corporate Sales,Head of HRM, Management Trainee are the job posts in insurance companies in perspective of Bangladesh.

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Many of the urban and rural people are so much interested in life insurance companies as there is the chance to get some extra advantages like medicare.
Qualifications for getting insurance company jobs starts from H.S.C pass to MBA and other higher degrees. Each post wants each different quality. Every applicants should be kept in mind that some insurance companies require experienced person from 2 to 10 years, so it is too important to apply after reading the job description thoroughly.
The opportunity to get part time jobs for students is accessible here , so any student can continue his/her studies beside running the job. Also the person who are full time worker , they have the chance to get weekend.
Insurance companies also offer bonus during Eid and other celebrated festivals, sometimes it depends on the head of the company.
In the realm of Bangladesh , Bank job is incredibly comfortable and peaceful having additional advantages like giving loan to their officers, offering bonuses two times in a year etc.
Bank is an institute providing offers to lend money at interest, give loans to their customers , exchange foreign currencies and so on.
Job posts in Govt. and private banks are almost same like Senior Officer, Manager, Associate Manager, Executives, Chief Operating Manager, Deputy Managing Director , Customer Service Manager and so on.
The instructions for applying bank jobs and the required documents are easily found in online nowadays since every bank has their individual websites to offer detail information on their job posts. So, anyone can get information without any difficulty.
Sonali, Janata, Agrani, Rupali are the state-owned commercial banks in Bangladesh. And getting jobs in these banks are so much competitive as there are many candidates seeking for the posts in these Govt. Banks. On the other hand , private bank jobs only require the resume of the applied candidates and choose them on the basis of their educational and other qualifications. And then call short listed candidates for interview and at last select candidates.
AB Bank ,Bangladesh Commerce Bank, BRAC, HSBC,Bank Asia, Eastern Bank, Jamuna, Pubali,Trust, Uttara are the most common private banks in our country. Not only these, but also a lot of banks are present in Bangladesh to serve people financial help and to continue their various programs like providing scholarships to brilliant and needy students, giving loans for small business, housing program etc.

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